FREE for all orders over $35! A completely random distribution of crystals, candy, stickers, confetti, and other items from our PDV crystal candy scoop bin. Limit one scoop per order.
Please note that while this item may be added to your order, we will not fill it unless your order is over $35. This is a fun, free add on that serves as a way for us to spread joy and thank you for being a customer!
Examples of items include: howlite tumbles, heart shaped rose quartz tumbles, lollipops, mini stickers, small citrine points, amethyst points, mini selenite wands, various crystal chips (rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, green fluorite, rainbow fluorite, amethyst, tigers eye, black obsidian, and more!), bright confetti, and much more!
Please note that these items are not a guarantee, and are a fun way to stand out and help you expand your crystal collections!

Crystal 'Candy' Scoop - FREE for orders over $35